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When it comes to skin care, consumers desire immediate and visible results, but it can be difficult to see efficacy in real-time – and even harder to accurately track the impact of beauty products over time. And while we know that everyone’s skin is different, even cosmetic brands with distinct options for different skin types cannot cover every possibility of what makes each user unique.

Hallstar created Beautivision™ in 2019 to respond to these challenges with a science-based, integrated, sophisticated yet simple approach.


The new SmartEye camera from Beautivision™ allows you to see the state of your individual skin and how it is reacting to the products you use. Images taken with SmartEye and interpreted through its companion mobile app will show what can’t be observed with the human eye alone. And this new way of seeing can be always at your fingertips as you move through your day, as portable and easy-to-use as the smartphone it connects to.

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