Beautivision’s SmartEye 1.0 is an innovative camera device that connects to your smartphone and allows consumers to see and monitor premature skin aging , the quality of sunscreen application and sun protection.


Results may vary. Regular and proper use of sunscreen may prevent the damaging effects of UV light exposure including sunburns, photo-aging and sun-related skin disease.


  • Ultra-sensitive

  • Smartphone compatible

  • Affordable

  • Able to be used indoors

  • Adjustable for sensitivity of different ingredients

Other existing UV cameras

  • Can only qualitatively observe 
    sunscreen application

  • Sensitive UV cameras are bulky, expensive, and not conducive to mobile devices

  • Affordable UV cameras are not sensitive enough, cannot be used indoors

  • Not supported by smartphone app

See what human eyes cannot see

Aging of human skin

Efficacy of applied
beauty product


Compatibility of skin
and product



  • Ultra-sensitive camera (only sensitive to ~330-400 nm)

  • Safe and effective flash light source emitting at the right wavelength. enabling indoor visibility

  • Direct correlation of sunscreen performance (% of UV protection) to the degree of grayness in SmartEye photo

  • Dimensions: 44mm2 and 27.4mm thick.

  • Not water-resistant

  • Optimized to detect and quantify performance of all organic sunscreens.

Top touch power button

4 LED Lights

6mm IR 1/2.5" 5 MP lens