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Beautivision’s SmartEye 1.0 is an innovative camera device that connects to your smartphone and allows consumers to see and monitor premature skin aging , the quality of sunscreen application and sun protection.

Beautivision SmartEye

Beautivision SmartEye

Results may vary. Regular and proper use of sunscreen may prevent the damaging effects of UV light exposure including sunburns, photo-aging and sun-related skin disease.


  • Ultra-sensitive

  • Smartphone compatible

  • Affordable

  • Able to be used indoors

  • Adjustable for sensitivity of different ingredients

Other existing UV cameras

  • Can only qualitatively observe 
    sunscreen application

  • Sensitive UV cameras are bulky, expensive, and not conducive to mobile devices

  • Affordable UV cameras are not sensitive enough, cannot be used indoors

  • Not supported by smartphone app

See what human eyes cannot see

Aging of human skin

Efficacy of applied
beauty product


Compatibility of skin
and product



  • Ultra-sensitive camera (only sensitive to ~330-400 nm)

  • Safe and effective flash light source emitting at the right wavelength. enabling indoor visibility

  • Direct correlation of sunscreen performance (% of UV protection) to the degree of grayness in SmartEye photo

  • Dimensions: 44mm2 and 27.4mm thick.

  • Not water-resistant

  • Optimized to detect and quantify performance of all organic sunscreens.

Top touch power button

4 LED Lights

6mm IR 1/2.5" 5 MP lens


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